Yielding Our Hearts to God for X-Change

Ministers Willie & Dorothy Hall

Class Description

Our class Yielding Our Hearts to God For X-Change is designed to help the believer be able to distinguish beyond a shadow of a doubt whether they are operating in the New Spiritual Heart that God has designed for all of us to walk in.  During this eight-week course, we go through a comparison of the Old Heart versus the New Heart and define the Old Heart and the New Heart.
We thank the Lord for the opportunity to teach this class on the heart because we really believe that it is the heart throb of God that His people knows His heart a whole lot better and walk in it, because He mentions the heart a lot of times in His Word for that reason!

About the Instructors

Image of Ministers Willie & Dorothy Hall

Ministers Willie and Dorothy Hall have been members of Evangel Cathedral for 36 years and have taught and been a part of the church ministries and classes since that time. They have taught the class, Yielding Our Hearts to God for X-Change, for the past seven years and will continue to seek God’s wisdom and understanding as they endeavor to continue teaching according to God’s Word.

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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