Teaching as a Ministry

Minister William A Coleman, Jr.

Class Description
To understand the fundamentals of teaching this course, we will explore first what it means to be in ministry, why you were called and the nature of your calling. We will examine and discuss the elements of teaching: the teacher, the learner, and the learner’s environment. Thus you will discover teaching as a ministry.
About the Instructor

Minister William A Coleman, Jr.  accepted the Plan of Salvation in 1963 at Ebenezer Baptist Church in New Brunswick, NJ and rededicated  in his life to the Lord in 1978 at St. John’s Baptist Church in Washington, DC.  He joined Evangel Temple in Washington, DC in 1980 where he met and married his lovely wife, Deborah, and they have three children: Katelyn, William III, and Preston. In 1982 he realized and accepted his call as a Bible teacher.  It has been his passion and gift to teach and talk to youth and young adults about how God’s Word can be effective in their everyday life situations they face.

Thus as result of prophecy fulfilled he has been employed at the Department of Treasury Bureau of Printing & Engraving for over 28 years, ordained to the Office of Deacon of Evangel in 1985 and became Superintendent of the Bible Training Hour where he taught his teachers in ” Teaching With Confidence Class” how to teach. He changed the emphasis from knowledge of the Bible to the application of the Word in the students’ lives.

In 1990’s with the church’s move to Upper Marlboro, MD, he was promoted to ministry head,BKA Minster Bill. At that time he  was inspired to change the name of the ministry from  Bible Training Hour to Children’s Education Ministry for comprehensive approach to teaching Bible principles.  As a result such activities and events like Harvest Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, Flying (kites) High for Jesus, Water Day, and All Wheels Day and Children’s Worship Service became a part the Children’s Ministry program.  Currently, he teaches in the School of the Bible a required course for a certificate called “Teaching as a Ministry.

His hobbies and recreational activities are reading, bowling, playing horse shoes, and watching sports: football, basketball, and wrestling.

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