Ministering with Handbells

Deacon Joann Fitch

Class Description
Ringing handbells is almost the same as playing the piano. The minimum set of handbells is two octaves, comprising 25 bells from G4 through G6. My purpose is to teach basic handbell skills and ringing technique which will involve holding the bells, ringing and damping the bells correctly, reading musical notes and rhythmic patterns. Handbells is another way we worship God.
About the Instructor


Deacon Joann Fitch came to Evangel Cathedral in the early 1970’s from California– a music major and a lover of children. Because of her love for children, she immediately became involved in the Youth for Christ Choir at Evangel Cathedral– a choir of 125 children Spirit-filled young people lifting their voices in song to the Lord. Deacon Fitch led the Youth for Christ Choir through the 1980s. Out of that choir came the Inspirational Handbells ministry in the late 1980’s. Because of Deacon Fitch’s leadership, in 1989, Inspirational Handbells became a member of the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers ministering during Sunday services, Easter, Christmas and some weddings and funerals as it does today. Deacon Fitch is still involved with children as a professional in the Prince George’s county school system and in the Evangel Cathedral’s Children’s
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

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