Christian Doctrine

Minister Ronnie Massie

Class Description
Basic Christian Doctrine is an eight week course that covers teachings on the doctrine of God and His attributes, the doctrine of man, and the doctrine of salvation; as well as, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, and the doctrine of angels. This class also covers some of the last events in the Bible such as the rapture, the second coming of Christ, and judgments. Bible references and scripture are used to support all classroom discussions including man and his origin; the creation of man, and the fall of man; as well as, man’s salvation and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In addition, the many names of God and the meaning of each name is discussed. The focus of the class is to help students who desire a closer walk with God to become more knowledgeable of the Biblical principles and doctrines of God.
About the Instructor


Minister Ronnie Massie has been a member of Evangel Cathedral for 45 years. He served as a Deacon for over 30 years at Evangel Cathedral. Minister Massie has a passion to serve God’s people. He has served in several ministries at Evangel Cathedral which includes the Men’s Prayer Ministry, and the Water Baptism Ministry. In November 2010, he became a licensed minister of Evangel Cathedral. Minister Massie has now taken on a new assignment of teaching the Word of God at the Evangel Cathedral Bible School. Minister Massie is married and has a Master’s Degree in Ministry.

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